About Uma di Bali

Bali is known as the main tourist destination in Indonesia with an increase in tourism. Guests continue to search for a more individual, comfortable and different type of holiday. Based on this, Umadi Bali has seized this opportunity to please guests with a different type of service offering a wide selection of exclusive properties suitable for friends, families, honeymooners or anyone looking for the perfect accommodation in Bali. We offer another style of holiday experience – vacation rentals such as luxury villas, private villas, home villas, a whole range of holiday rentals. With faith, hope and love we have served many families from different countries.

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision Statement
Uma di Bali is committed to serving our clients excellently, providing peace, tranquility, and relaxation whilst experiencing the perfect holiday.

Mission Statement
To provide warm, professional, and knowledgeable service to all clients, as well as to potential clientele and to offer an environmentally and socially conscious approach to create a comfortable relationship and a never-ending chain of satisfied travelers.

Core Values
Service; We are dedicated to the mission, and we pride ourselves on our extraordinary responsiveness to the needs of our clients.
Integrity; We uphold the highest standards of conduct. We seek and speak the truth to our clients. We honor those who become our partner.
Excellence; We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We embrace personal accountability. We reflect on our performance and learn from that reflection.