The island only has two seasons, wet and dry. The wet season normally extends from November to April, the dry season from May to October. The dry season is categorized by the constant winds blowing over the island, referred to during earlier centuries as the trade winds. A local custom taking advantage of this fact, results in visitors being given a view of the Balinese skies hosting many colorful kites. During the wet season, while there will be days that are almost completely rainy, the majority of the time showers are limited to an hour or two during the afternoon, with the rest of the day being cloudy or sunny. CURRENCY Bali uses the currency of Indonesia, the Indonesian Rupiah. However, being a major tourist destination, it is easy to change any major currency (such as US Dollars, Euros, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, American Dollars, British Pounds, etc) or travelers checks at banks and authorized currency exchange centers, known as ‘Money Changers’ (of which there are many).

Credit card advances (only in Indonesian Rupiah) are also available at the numerous banks, most of which are located in major tourist areas and towns. It should be noted that there is normally no commission on exchange rate for cash in most Authorized Money Changers, and the rate is better than for travelers checks, and that in the case of USD, one will get a better exchange rate for larger denomination bills. Major credit cards are normally accepted at up-market stores, hotels and restaurants.

Outside of that, visitors to Bali will find that the bulk of their transactions will take place in cash. In the major towns and cities on the island, ATM machines dispensing Rupiah (supporting Plus® and Interact® systems that allow one to access one’s bank accounts from their home country) can be easily found. Money Changers can also be used for their ease and convenience. Some charge commission and their rates of exchange do vary, hence it is worth shopping around for the best overall exchange deal, especially if there are large sums involved.