Uma Di Bali

Uma di Bali provides Real Estate services with a large range of Land, Villas, Houses and Apartments available for sale as well aslong and shorttermrentals, all in the most desirable places in Bali. We also provide an outstanding marketing service dedicated to helping you discover the very best deal, saving you time and money.

TBV 1353 | 2br Villa in Kerobokan

A two-bedroom building facing west located in Krobokan...readmore

TBV 764 | 6br Villa in Seminyak

A two-floor building with 6 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms ...readmore

TBV 1429 | 3br Villa in Canggu

A two-floor building with 2 bedrooms upstairs and....readmore

EPT 321 | 3br Villa in Canggu

A 3br Villa located in Canggu | Facing...readmore

TBV 1449 | 5br Villa in Canggu

A two-floor building with 5 bedrooms | 2 bedrooms upstairs...readmore

EPT 103 | 4br Villa in Canggu

A two-floor building with 4 bedrooms facing....readmore

Uma di Bali is delighted to offer you the very best in accommodation, facilities and benefits all at a very affordable price. Our services will make your stay in Bali one you will never forget.

Villa Abimanyu 022

Designed to recreate the ambiance of a traditional...readmore

Villa Drupadi 010

A traditional Balinese compound that features separate....readmore

Villa Seminyak 020

Starting the service path way will ensure the beauty...readmore

Villa Laksamana 020

A fantastic location on a security controlled road close...readmore

Villa Abimanyu 020

located within easy walking distance to the famous Seminyak...readmore

Villa Abimanyu 021

A private sanctuary for travelers seeking a luxury...readmore